How Much Does Building A Magento Website Cost?

Cost of Magento Website
  • Degree of flexibility and functionality you want on the key features and the storefront design.
  • The number of integrations and the types of integrations you will need. Solutions such as product information management (PIM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are third-party integrations.

Factors Affecting The Development Costs Of A Magento Website

1. Hosting Costs:

2. Domain Name and SSL Certificate Costs:

  • $10–20 per year for a brand new domain.
  • $20–400 per year for expired domains.

3. Magento Web Design Costs:

4. Magento Development Costs:

  • Page of categories on the home page
  • A page dedicated to the product
  • Page of the shopping cart
  • A page for checking out

5. Magento Extensions Expenses:

  • Customer service
  • Website Navigation
  • Advanced lookup

Wrapping Up



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